Saturday, February 28, 2009

Frannie K. Sarah

Thursday was a very special day for Sarah! Her school had a Book Character Day in which they could dress the part of their favorite book character. We found out rather late as Sarah has been ill for the past week, but we were still able to quickly pull a costume together for her. Sarah's current favorite book series is Frannie K. Stein, Mad Scientist by Jim Benton. Wednesday night we gathered purple hair die, red hair ribbons, a testtube (quickly made from a tube of bubbles) of green slime. Thursday morning I helped her spray her hair and drew on a quick unibrow and she was ready to go! I think she looks quite the part!
Sarah adored her costume and when she came home from school that afternoon, I took a quick picture of her. We then did a quick google search to find the Frannie K. Stein website. Sarah wrote the author, Jim Benton, an email telling him she was his BIGGEST fan (only she included about a dozen biggest's!) and sent her picture dressed as Frannie K. Stein. Mr. Benton was so kind as to email her back very shortly telling her he loved her picture and would like to send her a signed drawing! As you can imagine, I thought I'd have to peel her off the ceiling! Sarah has spent almost every free moment since drawing covers for HER new series of books -Frankie C. Pine... Look out, Mr. Benton!